Color Effects

Yellow: invigorating and bracing. It is an excellent mental stimulant, which aids creativity. Yellow light strengthens nerves and stimulates the stomach, liver and intestines. It helps you concentrate.

Green: calming, healing and restores equilibrium. Green is useful in the treatment of chronic illnesses and stores and eye problems. It transmits warmth and serenity.

Blue: calming, refreshing and relaxing. It helps in cases of insomnia, pain, wounds and problems linked with menopause. It has a regulatory effect on muscles and tissue.

Violet: inspiring and cleansing. It reinforces mental capacities, increases awareness, cleanses and stimulates the lymphatic system and the spleen.

Red: stimulating, exciting and revitalizing. It stimulates the heart and lungs, assists circulation and is effective against coughs, asthma and skin problems. It reinforces nerves and stimulates emotions, especially passion.

Orange: heartening and energy-giving; it is useful in cases of depression and anxiety. Its action tonifies the heart and blood vessels and stimulates the

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